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A Child's Birthday Should Always Be Special

Inspired by her children's delight in celebrating their birthday each year, founder, Joël Doty, decided too many kids were missing out on this simple joy. 

Many families cannot afford gifts, a cake or even a card. Some kids are without families or living in temporary or unstable housing.

Birthday Smiles for Kids is dedicated to brighten the day for as many kids as possible.

Birthday Present
48858_Birthday Smiles for Kids_RK_01 copy 2.jpg
48858_Birthday Smiles for Kids_RK_01 copy 2.jpg

                                                           How It Works:

       Professionals in social services contact us about boys and girls in need and give us the child's age and information that could help us select a great present. 

      We provide:

  • Presents for the birthday child

  • Small goody bags for siblings

  • Party decorations and plates

  • Cupcakes and ice cream


        We Deliver:

  • All gifts to the professionals who referred the child or to families in a public place.

  • There is no charge for our service.

 Some of the agencies we

 work with:


SOS Community Services


Community Action Network

Ann Arbor Foster Care Closet








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